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Product Information

While conjunctivitis and mild eye infections are not as serious as some eye conditions, it can be both irritating and painful. Keeping your eyes clean is something you should do as a regular habit and eyedrops are an excellent way to maintain their cleanliness.

Heavenly Eye drops is an eye solution lubricant to treat and prevent further conjunctivitis, infections and viruses caused by allergies of foreign bodies and highly contagious airborne germs that can be spread through touching your eyes, sneezing and coughing.

Benefits of using Heavenly Eye Drops:

This should definitely come as a welcome relief to those who may suffer from eye infections, they are easy to apply, and perfectly harmless.

Ethos Heavenly Eyes Drops for infections are:

Heavenly Eye Drops Ingredients:

Recommended Usage:
The suggested use of Heavenly Ethos Eye Drops is one drop hourly. Do not exceed over 5-6 drops in one eye a day. Use only as directed - Always read the instructions.

Unopened or opened vials should be stored chilled in the dark or refrigerator and out of reach of children.

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