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Product Information

Take the strain from your eyes with eye drops for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS) It is an advanced formula that can keep your eyes in good condition and even prevent that strain starting in the first place.

You may be spending plenty of time on your mobile phone, texting friends, playing video games, and enjoying all the things that the internet has opened on mobile phones and computers. Something as seemingly harmless as eye strain is best avoided, and sometimes it requires more than just rest. Do not take your eyes for granted as it could lead to further eye problems in the future.

Benefits of using Heavenly Eye Drops:

You should have your eyesight checked regularly anyway, whether you have a problem or not. Using regularly they will keep your eyes clean and in a good condition.

Ethos Heavenly Eyes Drops for infections are:

Heavenly Eye Drops Ingredients:

Recommended Usage:
The suggested use of Heavenly Ethos DVS &CVS Eye Drops is one drop hourly. Do not exceed over 5-6 drops in one eye a day. Use only as directed - Always read the instructions.

Unopened or opened vials should be stored chilled in the dark or refrigerator and out of reach of children.

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