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Product Information

Ethos Heavenly eye drops is the answer to all bacterial, viral or fungal Infections in your pets' eyes and all mammals, including your loved horses, cats, rabbits and dogs.

If your pet is suffering with eye issues our eye drops could be the answer. This advanced Swiss eye drop formulation is a strong, safe and organic antioxidant that will clear most problems in 2-6 days.

Ethos eye drops are both safe and natural, a sterile formulation solving common eye problems while relieving distress and irritation in days. This is new product in the Ethos range specific to animals of any size and breed. In short, they are organic and both strong and effective.

Anti -Bacterial Eye Drops for Pets are Safe and Suitable for:

*NB: For dogs and pets with cataracts or glaucoma, we recommend another product in our range, Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Cataract Drops for Dogs & Pets

Key Ingredients & Facts within each 5ml Viral:

Recommended Ease of Use:
Two to three drops per eye, but no more than twice a day.

Storage Advice:
Store in a cool dark place, but NOT in a refrigerator. Keep away from children and dispose of any open bottle 60 day after first being opened.

Ethos Eye Drops About Us:
Ethos and our Bright Eyes drops range has successfully traded all around the world for two decades. We have featured in Dogs World and Living with Dogs publications and recommendations continue to pour in on online selling platforms.

We pride ourselves in being able to improve the quality of life for pets and animals who suffer from eye problems of all kinds. There is no need for a hard sell because results speak for themselves.

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