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Product Information

Hay fever can cause your eyes various forms of discomfort. Primarily, it results in symptoms such as irritation, itchiness, watery eyes and redness. In some severe cases, hay fever sufferers can also suffer from swollen eyelids.

Hay fever is the term given to the allergic reaction many people suffer from pollen, which are tiny particles found on plants. Ethos Heavenly Eyes Hay Fever Eye Drops are developed to specifically fight symptoms associated with hay fever, such as irritation, redness and watery eyes.

Benefits of using Heavenly Hay Fever Ethos Eye Drops:

Directions for use:
The suggested use of Heavenly Ethos Hay Fever Eye Drops is one drop hourly, or when required. Do not exceed over 5-6 drops in one eye a day.
Use only as directed - Always read the instructions on the box.

Unopened or opened vials should be stored chilled in the dark or refrigerator and out of reach of children.

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