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Protandim NRF2 Activator


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Product Description

Nrf2 – The Master Regulator
Nrf2 fights oxidative stress.
Nrf2 helps the body regulate at peak efficiency.
Nrf2, a protein messenger that binds itself to DNA, is the master regulator of the body’s aging process and is critical in the fight against oxidative stress.
Nrf2 communicates with cells, instructing them to do what they’re already designed to do. When activated, Nrf2 enters the nucleus of a cell and up-regulates “survival genes,” genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulates other genes to help the body function at an optimal level.
26 indepentand clinical trial studies have shown a reduction of up to 40% within the first 30 days of taking Protandim NRF2 so start turning back the hands of time and order yours today…


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